About Me

I grew up in a creative household. Whether it was writing and designing for a national monthly newsletter or performing the daily radio show I produced, it was all about communication. Today I enjoy taking complex processes and making them intuitively simple. 

User Experience Design

I use a simple process for ideation, validation, and visualization. It's not rocket science but it works.

Advanced PRototyping

I can help you visualize your ideas the way your end users will - ideate in hours instead of months.

Analytics and Strategy

Watch your users in real time and make what they need with advanced analytics systems.

Marshall Prototyping in his home office
Marshall Wells UX Design

To give the people what they want you must first know who the people are, so you can secondly, observe them in action. Too often the expressed need is just a symptom.

November 2018 - Present
Feb 2017 - Nov 2018
Sept 2016 - Nov 2018
Sept 2016 - Nov 2018
Sept 2015 - Nov 2016
Dec 2014 - July 2015

UX Design Lead • Covr

At Covr Financial Technologies I was responsible for the design of the advisor and consumer platforms. After initial analytical research I created a strategy to combine the platforms into a single cohesive experience. This plan was to move Covr into a modern SAAS platform that was responsive and allowed consumers, advisors, and support roles to interact with the insurance case in a single platform.

UX Design Lead • HP

I was responsible for the design of the desktop and mobile applications included in HP Support Assistant (v9), which has 60 million users worldwide and 16 million monthly users. My responsibilities included designing, prototyping, testing, and managing design assets and functional prototypes of all journeys and applications. Prototypes were created in HTML/CSS, Axure RP, and Adobe XD.

UX Design • TextOrbit

TextOrbit is a startup focused on creating new and cheaper solutions in the SMS marketing space. I was responsible for creating the company visual identity and designing the web application interface.

UX Design • Engage Media

Responsible for creating complete online experiences. From choosing the best technologies, designing the interfaces, editing the videos for maximum audience engagement, and tracking analytics on each page, I created experiences for several major surgeons, dentists, chiropractors and other health practitioners. This morphed into a SAAS platform and media library for dental companies.

UX Design • Mission Media

As the lead designer at Mission Media I created web experiences for major campaigns and religious organizations across the United States with a special focus on initiatives in and around the Treasure Valley.

Graphic Design • SmartStory

I worked in graphic and web page design, media management and assisting in UX/UI development.

Graphic Design • Awake America

Branding design and content creation for print and web.